5 types of protective glass films for iPhone15 at once! Made by MICRODIA, an American mobile accessory manufacturer

Good evening. Apple recently announced the release of the iPhone 15. Today, we would like to introduce the mobile case for iPhone15 made by MICRODIA followed by the protective films.


Screen Protector for iPhone15
1 . MICRODIA 2.5D HD Screen Protector
2. MICRODIA 2.5D Anti-Glare Screen Protector
3. microdia 2.5d visual care screen protector
4. microdia 2.5d privacy screen protector
5. MICRODIA 2.5D Corning® Gorilla Glass Screen Protector


1, MICRODIA ScreenGuard Pro Max-HD Screen Protector
Dual-pack 9H tempered glass provides full protection while maintaining original screen visibility



2, MICRODIA 2.5D Anti-Glare (Matte) Screen Protector Dual Pack
9H tempered glass improves readability in bright areas



3, MICRODIA 2.5D Anti Blue Light Screen Protector Dual Pack
9H level hardness. Protects eyes and cuts harmful blue light



4、MICRODIA Privacy (Anti-spy) Screen Protector Dual Pack
Two-way privacy 9H tempered glass, promotes data security



5, MICRODIA Corning® Glass Screen Protector Retina Grade Extra
Tough Screen Protector with Speaker Protector


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