There is already an iPhone 15 case at IFA! Folding, Fariphone and new smartphone products found at IFA

Good morning. Article on new products at IFA Berlin

At IFA 2023 in Berlin, several new smartphone products were announced and many of the latest models were on display from non-major manufacturers. Let us introduce some of the products that caught our attention.


According to ASCII on September 11, at IFA2023 in Berlin, several new smartphone products were announced, and many of the latest models from non-major manufacturers were also on display. Here are some of the products that caught our attention.

Many cases for the iPhone 15 even before its release Many case makers exhibited cases for the iPhone 15, and although at the time of IFA2023 (September 1-5) information about the iPhone 15 was still at the rumor level, case makers were eager to promote the iPhone 15 as soon as it appears. iPhone 15 is still at the rumor level as of IFA2023 (September 1-5), but case makers seem to be displaying their products in an attempt to sell them as soon as the iPhone appears.    Looking at the side of the case, there is a hole that allows access to a button that is large enough to replace the mute button on previous models. It is said that a customizable action button will be included, and from the looks of the case, it appears that this is indeed the case. The bottom of the case also has a hole wider than the Lightning port, which seems to be compatible with the USB-C port.

Fairphone 5, the latest model from Fairphone, which offers a smartphone with a removable back panel, easy battery replacement, and the ability to replace and repair the display and circuit board yourself, was unveiled at IFA 2023.    The chipset is the Qualcomm QCM6490 for IoT devices, the display is 6.43″, and the camera is 50 megapixels with wide-angle and ultra-wide angle. The battery is replaceable and has a capacity of 4200 mAh. 5-year warranty for OS updates and 8-year warranty for software updates.

A demonstration of the actual replacement process was held at the booth. The 8GB + 256GB model is slightly expensive at 699 euros (about 110,000 yen), but the product is designed for users who want to use one smartphone for a long time.



Precision screwdriver set for iPhone, Android, computers, and game consoles
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iPhone4-14/Android/Nintendo Switch/MacBook/Desktop/Camera/Spectacle Repair/Electric Appliances/Precision Instruments/


■Introducing MICRODIA’s Apple MFi Certified Lightning Charging & Sync Cable.


Microdea Combo Pack 2.0M+0.2M

Two MFi Certified Round Lightning Charging & Sync Cables, protected by ultra tough and durable PET braided material




– Two types of cables for indoor and outdoor use. Injection-molded reinforced conductors – Insulation between wires prevents damage when flexing
– External cable jacket made of durable PET braided material
– Apple MFi certification for reliable charging and synchronization compatibility



Original APPLE C89 connector

3A fast charge & sync

5V Tolerant


Apple MFi Certified Flat Lightning Charging & Sync Cable by MICRODIA



Tough PVC sheath with Lightning and USB connectors.

○Apple MFi certification for reliable charging and sync compatibility

○ 1.3M and 2.6M Lightning cables, 8-pin Lightning – USB-A connection – Tangle-resistant PVC flat cable

Original APPLE C89 connector

3A fast charge & sync

5V Tolerant





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