Are you a skincare refugee generation? Professionals point out adult skin care ORGANIC jojoba oil (with CBD) for high-end esthetics

Hello. Today I would like to introduce jojoba oil and CBD.

According to the September 9 issue of Tamahiyo ONLINE, the “Ala-For” generation is the age when sagging, wrinkles, and dryness of the face begin to bother us. We asked mothers on the review site “Women’s Park” what kind of skincare they are using, and asked hair and makeup artist Atsuko Hirose for advice on basic skincare.

What skincare products do they use?
First, let us introduce the basic cosmetics and skincare methods used by the mothers.

I have dry and sensitive skin. I use an emulsion and all-in-one cream from the Kyokujun anti-aging care series. I think they are quite moist and good. For lotion, I use a glycerin-free, silky lotion from Matsuyama Oil and Fat as an introduction fluid.

Minon: “Of all the products available at drugstores, Minon is my top choice! Its moisturizing power is quite good.

I use MUJI jojoba oil during dry season. “I use ‘Shirojun’ and ‘Kyokujun’. They are quite good even though they are petit-priced. During dry season, I mix a little jojoba oil from Muji with lotion.

I have been using Albion for nearly 10 years. “I have been using Albion from cleansers to beauty serums for nearly 10 years. Buying cosmetics I like is my motivation for working.

I don’t like fragrance, so I use Vitalact from Shiseido’s dProgram. It is a thick lotion.

I use two lotions: a whitening lotion and a moist lotion (purple bottle) from ATTENIR.

I like milky lotion, so I also use lotion from Elixir. I like milky lotion, so I also use ‘elixir’ lotion along with it. It is neither cheap nor expensive, but somewhere in between. The petit-price products are neither too expensive nor too expensive, but the ‘elixir’ products are effective in their own way.

It has been a whole year since I started using Domo Horun Wrinkle. It’s a luxury for me, but I can’t stop using it because I feel the change in my skin. It’s a problem.

Doctor Cosmetics “For the past one or two years, I have been using the MEDISPA series from Shonan Cosmetic Clinic. It contains human-derived stem cells and I was interested in doctor’s cosmetics.

I can’t give up Cléd Peau Beauté! I use Shiseido’s Clé de Peau Beauté for basic cosmetics such as lotion. This is the only lotion that has a significant anti-aging effect, and I can’t stop using it.

SK II “There is no SK II aroma factor all the time, but I think the quality is trustworthy.”


Our CBD and organic jojoba oil products are now available.

Organic Clear Jojoba Massage Oil with CBD for Esthetic and Massage Parlors
Pure 100% organic jojoba oil without additives + 3% CBD isolate with a concentration of over 99%.


Jojoba crude oil certified organic (USDA USDA standard) by an organic certification organization is refined in a factory in Japan and contains CBD isolate with a concentration of over 99%.

Organic jojoba oil is made by refining unrefined jojoba crude oil in Japan, removing the color and aroma, and adding CBD to the refined jojoba oil, which has almost no aroma. Jojoba oil is refined in Japan to remove unnecessary substances, making it a more stable jojoba oil with lower levels of plant-derived irritants and allergens, and is preferred over unrefined by those with ultra-sensitive skin. Refined jojoba oil refined in Japan is of very high quality and is used as an ingredient in many cosmetics and quasi-drugs.

Many people say that refined jojoba oil is easier to use for massage than unrefined jojoba oil, making it a popular product at beauty salons.


How to use
Apply an appropriate amount to the entire body or any flaky areas.

Use within 5 minutes after taking a bath for best results.


Other Uses
Please refer to the following examples of use.

Body massage, facial massage, scalp massage

Massage for the elderly

Massage to prevent stretch marks

Massage to improve skin elasticity after weight loss.


Care for skin, hair, etc.
For dry skin, tightness and flakiness

Apply in place of milky lotion, lotion, cream, etc.

Apply to scalp and hair after washing hair.

Apply to damaged nails.


Makeup related
As a cleansing oil

As a base for makeup

As a sunscreen

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