Ranking of the most favorite “iPhone” models of all time! Why are “iPhone 8” and “iPhone SE” so persistently popular?

Good morning. Today’s article is about the ranking of successive generations of iphones.

Results of a survey conducted by the All About News editorial department on September 10

Koichi Ito, mobile information blogger and “All About” smartphone guide, will discuss the popular models of successive generations of iPhones.

While we are also interested in the details of the iPhone 15 series, which Apple plans to unveil on September 13 (Japan time), there is a possibility that existing models will drop in price when the new series goes on sale, so some users may be checking not only the new series but also previous models. The All About News editorial department will be reporting on the new iPhone 15 series on August 14, 2012.

All About News editorial department conducted a survey of 202 iPhone users from August 14 to 28 regarding their “favorite iPhone model of all time

No. 1: iPhone SE (2nd generation)

No. 2: iPhone 8

No. 3: iPhone 7

No. 4: iPhone 12mini

No. 5: iPhone SE (1st generation)

No. 5: iPhone X

No. 7: iPhone 6

No. 8: iPhone 5s

No. 8: iPhone 11

No. 10: iPhone 13

No. 10: iPhone 12


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