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Hello, I am Kofukutrade. Today, we would like to introduce our FIDO2 Level 2 security key.

Google unveils quantum-resistant FIDO2 security key implementation

Google announced on August 15 (U.S. time) that it has released an implementation of a quantum-resistant FIDO2 security key as part of its OpenSK open-source security key firmware as it works toward implementing quantum-resistant cryptography.  The security key is a small dongle that connects to a computer or smartphone and replaces a less secure SMS message for account authentication.  When you log into your account and are asked to authenticate, instead of entering a code received via text message on your smartphone, you simply tap the security key to log in.

However, as we are entering an era where quantum computers are making it possible to process workloads that are currently thought to be impossible, security needs to be strengthened in response to the rapid increase in computing power it represents.  Quantum attacks are still a long way off, but it is very important that we do this as early as possible because implementing encryption on an Internet scale is a major undertaking,” said Elie Bursztein, director of cybersecurity and AI research, and software engineer Fabian Kaczmarczyck, Director of Cybersecurity and AI Research, and Software Engineer, stated on Google’s Security Blog.

We expect this process to be gradual, especially for security keys, as users will have to acquire new security keys once FIDO standardizes post-quantum cryptography (quantum resistant cryptography) and this new standard is supported by the major browser vendors. (Fortunately, recent standardization of public-key quantum-resistant encryption techniques, such as the Dilithium algorithm, has cleared the path to secure keys against quantum attacks,” they said.

One of the challenges is to implement all of that with very little hardware resources available for a single security key; Google has managed to optimize the code to run in as little as 20KB of memory, and to ensure a smooth user experience. They are also using hardware acceleration.  Google hopes that this resilience to quantum computers will be added to the FIDO2 key specification and supported by major web browsers in the near future.  Until then, it is better to use existing security keys to protect yourself.


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