Bic Camera com has a limited sale, AirPods Pro for 26,800 yen and many other hot items. Also ending as soon as they are gone.

Good morning. Article on Bic Camera Limited Sale

According to PHILEWEB on September 9, Bic Camera is holding an online sale exclusively on its e-commerce site, Bic, until 8:59 AM on September 11. Some products will end as soon as they are gone, so you will want to check it out as soon as possible. Featured products in the sale Apple’s Apple Watch SE (2nd generation GPS model) is featured as the highlight of the entire sale, available for 37,800 yen. Also not to be missed is the 65-inch LCD TV “65U7FG” from Hisense, priced at 89,800 yen. In addition, note that the AirPods Pro, although a 1st generation model, is currently on sale for 26,800 yen. Many people will find the 1st generation model to be sufficient in terms of performance. The Apple Watch SE 1st generation model is also on sale for 32,800 yen, and while it may be hard to decide between this and the 2nd generation model mentioned above, it is worth noting if the absolute lowest price is a priority. In addition, many Sharp “AQUOS” LCD and OLED TVs are on sale, as well as earphones, including Sony, Bose, Audio-Technica, and other popular brands of fully wireless earphones at bargain prices.


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