Kyushu Ekiben Grand Prix 10th Grand Prix “Selected Black Wagyu Beef Saga Beef Extra Fine Kalbi Yakiniku Bento” What is Saga beef?

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According to 9 September OVO, the restaurant that has achieved the feat of winning the Kyushu Ekiben Grand Prix for three consecutive years, which started in 2004, is located in Takeo Onsen Station. The Kairo-do is located outside the ticket gates, attached to the tourist information centre. The ‘Selected Japanese Black Beef Saga Beef Sukiyaki Lunchbox’ won the 8th and 9th Grand Prix in succession, while the ‘Selected Japanese Black Beef Saga Beef Extra Premium Kalbi Yakiniku Lunchbox’ won the 10th Grand Prix.

The superb ribs covered with homemade sauce overflowed with the flavour of the meat as you bit into them. It no longer seems to be on the level of an ekiben. You have to leave the ticket gate once, but it is worth the stopover.



Saga Prefecture’s finest wagyu beef


Saga Beef® is renowned as the top-level black Japanese beef among the many brands of beef in Japan.
It is nurtured on fertile land and by the outstanding skills and love of its fattening farmers, and its marble-like marbling is known as “glazed”.
Its fine-grained meat is full of flavour and sweetness, and its fat is juicy and tender.
Its premium flavour has captivated gourmets from all over the world.

Unique to Saga
Blessings of nature
Saga Prefecture, with the Sefuri Sankei mountain range to the north and Mt Taradake to the south-west, is the perfect environment for raising delicate black Wagyu beef. The area is blessed with a gentle nature that nurtures black Wagyu beef, with natural water of such high quality that it has been selected as one of the “100 best waters” and an abundance of wild grasses. There are approximately 200 fattening farms raising Saga Beef® on this vast land. Although both the number of households and the number of cattle are decreasing, the number of cattle per household is on the increase, and large-scale farmers are rapidly expanding their operations. Cattle are raised with great care and attention to detail by fattening farmers with outstanding husbandry skills.

The passion of the fattening farmers who have built up the ‘best’,
The passion of our fattening farmers
Saga Beef® is a supreme brand of beef, awarded only to the finest of the black Wagyu cattle produced in Saga Prefecture. Of the more than 16,000 heads of Wagyu cattle shipped annually, only about 75% are classified as Saga Beef®. The high level of fattening technology is the result of many years of effort accumulated by our predecessors. The cattle have been carefully raised using these techniques by fattening farmers, and have succeeded in establishing their status as a top-class brand of beef that is prized throughout the country. The passion for improving the quality of the meat has been passed on to younger successors, who continue to make constant improvements, from feed formulation and feeding methods to detailed health management.


Click here to visit the Saga Prefecture Product Distribution and Design Corporation website.


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