A whole cow” – the hottest return item – 15 million yen donated by taxpayers in Hometown
Today’s article is about Wagyu beef.

According to the September 8 Teresa NEWS, a gift from Kanoya City, Kagoshima Prefecture, which appeared this week on a Furusato tax return website, is the topic of discussion. The name of the gift is “Japan’s Best Black Wagyu Beef: Eat Up One Head of Beef Experience,” and for a donation of 15 million yen, you can enjoy approximately 300 kg of beef from one head of beef.

We would like people to share the importance of life and food education, so we would like people to support Kanoya City and its businesses through their donations. The city of Kanoya has been popular for its specialty products such as eels and Kagoshima black beef for shabu-shabu. The amount of donations in the last fiscal year was approximately 4.5 billion yen, an increase of 1.7 billion yen from the previous fiscal year.  The newest addition to the gift list is a restaurant directly managed by the producer who won first place in Japan in last year’s National Wagyu Beef Aptitude Promotion Contest.

The meat for one head of black Wagyu is about 30 kg of “A5 rank” rib roast with fine texture and fine sinew. The sirloin can serve 100 people. The sirloin is enough for 100 steaks.  According to Kanoya City, this return is only one head per month and is expected to be used by events and sports groups, and the same person can apply for it as many times as they wish.

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