Fukushima Sake Tasting in Paris: Treated Water “Not a Concern

Hello, everyone. Today’s article is about sake produced in Fukushima Prefecture.

Fukushima-produced sake tasting event held in Paris on September 7

According to Jiji Press on September 8, a sake tasting event was held in Paris, France on September 7 to expand sales channels for Japanese sake produced in Fukushima Prefecture.  Many people involved in the restaurant industry participated in the event, tasting 30 brands from 14 companies in the prefecture. The release of treated water from TEPCO’s Fukushima No.1 nuclear power plant into the ocean was heard as “hardly a concern in France”.

Kenichi Handa, 43, a chef at a French restaurant in Paris, commented on the Fukushima-produced sake, “It has a deep and elegant taste. The umami is slowly transmitted. Jean-François Marteille, 50, who works as a sommelier at another restaurant, came to the restaurant looking for sake to be served with each course. I found several brands I liked,” he said.

Toyokuni Sake Brewery (Furudono, Fukushima Prefecture) representative Ken’yuki Yanai, who visited Paris, was concerned about the treated water issue, but was relieved to see no negative reaction. Nobuhiro Hosoi, representative of Kunigon Sake Brewery (Minamiaizu-cho, Fukushima Prefecture), said, “France is the home of food. We came to France with the intention of borrowing from the French, but we learned the depth of their hospitality. Hirotaka Watanabe, executive director of Aizu Sake Brewery (Aizu Town), said, “Sake goes well with French cuisine. We still have a chance to expand our sales channels.


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