The most popular Yakiniku in Gunma Prefecture! September 2023 edition

Good morning. This morning, we continue our article on Wagyu beef.


According to Netorabo on September 7, 2023, for those who are looking for recommended yakiniku restaurants in Gunma Prefecture, we will introduce the restaurants that were highly rated by users in September 2023.

The data reflects the latest data, so please use it as a reference. Let’s take a look at the top results right away.  This ranking is based on “User Rating,” “Number of Reviews,” “Price Filter,” and “Rating Filter” of Google Kuchikomi.

No. 2: Charcoal BBQ Hormone Shimada Takasaki (4.6 points / 290 word-of-mouth)
The second place was “Sumibi Yakiniku Hormone Shimada Takasaki” (4.6 points / 290 reviews). This popular restaurant offers fresh meat with its signature homemade sauce. In addition to yakiniku, the hormone sashimi is also highly rated. The restaurant is also famous for its YouTube channel that introduces the charm of horumon and how to process it. Fans of the channel often come from far away to visit the restaurant.

No.1: High-grade private room Yakiniku LAMP, Isesaki (4.8 points / 1297 comments)
The first place was “High-grade private room Yakiniku LAMP Isesaki Honten” in Miyago-cho, Isesaki-shi. Located near the Isesaki Auto Race Track, this restaurant offers a relaxing yakiniku experience in a private room. The restaurant offers the highest grade A5 Japanese beef, including Matsusaka beef, Kobe beef, and Omi beef, as well as rare cuts of beef. The restaurant is also open for lunch.


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